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Playstation’s Equivalent to Game Pass To Be Unveiled Next Week?

There were rumblings earlier this month of a PlayStation Game Pass reveal via a State of Play livestream, but Sony has held two so far in March and neither mentioned it. The latest rumours, however, insist that an announcement is coming, and it could happen as early as next week. This is according to Bloomberg, who were informed by anonymous sources familiar with Sony’s plans. An exact date hasn’t been given, nor whether Sony will announce it as part of a larger presentation, in its own promo, or as a simple Tweet.

As such, it’s entirely possible plans will change, or the reveal could be delayed. A major State of Play was allegedly meant to take place this month, but supposedly some developers requested it be pushed back so as not to distract from the Ukraine-Russia war.

It’s not known whether Sony agreed to this, although the fact that it has since released two smaller State of Plays (one of which focused only on Hogwarts Legacy) suggests that that is what’s going on.

Bloomberg was the first to report on the rumoured Sony service, which is apparently codenamed Spartacus (no idea why). It’s said to be Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and essentially combines PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one.

Let’s hope this latest rumour actually proves to have some truth to it. As always, we will let you know more once we do. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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