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Hello new games, where are you????

This month seems to be very quiet for new releases but there is a big one I’m very excited for….. Nintendo Switch Sports!

If its anything like the system seller for Wii then its definitely going to be a hit. Its one of the only games where all my kids and I could play, regardless of their age, due to the simple controls, bright graphics and just general fun. So what games are included:

Tennis: rally by gently swinging the Joy-Con controller at the right time.

Bowling: roll the ball straight ahead, or give it a little curve. (the classic for me)

Chambara: Knock your opponent off the platform while attacking and defending.

Football: Use a gigantic ball to make dynamic plays. Enjoy matches with Joy-Con controllers to shoot and perform Diving Headers. By attaching a Joy-Con controller to the Leg Strap accessory included with the physical version of Nintendo Switch Sports (also available seperately), you can play Shoot-out mode with intuitive kicking motions.

Badminton: Control your shots left and right while keeping the shuttlecock in the air. Swing left and right while keeping the shuttlecock in the air. Unleash powerful smash shots to gain the upper hand!

Volleyball: Use a Joy-Con controller to serve, bump, set, and spike the ball.

There’s still time to pre-order if you haven’t already, drop in and see Wes.

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