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PlayStation State of Play coming This Thursday 2nd June!

It won’t be nearly as long as Xbox’s Big Summer Showcase, happening in early June, but Sony has another of its State of Play presentations scheduled for 11pm BST on Thursday 2nd June. Anyone hoping for an E3 level presentation is going to be disappointed though, as it’s barely longer than its last two State of Plays – coming it at just under 30 minutes long. It will feature the first proper look at the PSVR2, as well as unspecified third-party games.

Although the PlayStation VR2 headset and controllers have been unveiled already as photos, they’ve never been shown in action, and the only game to be announced so far is a spin-off from Horizon: Forbidden West, which had its own couple-of-seconds-long reveal trailer (check the trailer out below).

It’s always difficult to demonstrate VR publicly, so whether Sony will show someone using the headset, or if they’ll stick with in-game footage, is unclear. Sony has implied that there will be no major first party revelations beyond the VR stuff, but they have promised that some third party games will be featured. Given the timing and the fact that there have already been rumours of a new trailer, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 seems relatively likely. Aside from being a PS5 exclusive, the game was originally revealed at one of Sony’s State of Plays back in 2020 and recent updates have suggested its development is practically complete and that a new trailer exists. There’re also rumours of an update for the sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming in June. The remake was also unveiled during a Sony E3 presentation in 2015, so it having a presence at a State of Play wouldn’t be surprising. Given the shortness of the presentation and zero mention of any first party games making an appearance, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony has at least one more State of Play planned for June.

The only major first party release it has scheduled for the rest of the 2022 is God of War: Ragnarok, which still lacks even a vague release window, let alone a specific date. Also, Sony has a long-standing tradition of waiting for Microsoft to make its announcements and then quickly doing theirs afterwards, knowing what their rival has already said. This year’s Microsoft and Bethesda Showcase is scheduled for June 12, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony had another State of Play shortly after that.

Are you excited to see and learn more about the PSVR2 Headset and its games? We certainly are. Although the current PSVR has some great games for it, the technology is looking very old-hat now, especially compared to other VR headsets that are currently available. We’re really hopeful that Sony are gonna go full-in with the release of the next headset too. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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