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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Release Dates Revealed

Since the surprise announcement of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet back in February, fans have had to make do with their own speculations about the games. Fortunately, the wait for official info is over and a new trailer for the games has been released (check it out at the end of this news story), providing another look at the new region inspired by Spain and Portugal, and in-game appearances for the three starter pokémon. We also get a first look at a few more new pokémon, such as what looks like another not-Pikachu critter named Pawmi and a pig-like creature called Lechonk.


Also shown were the two cover stars: a pair of serpent-like dragons that will serve as the exclusive legendary pokémon. Their names have been revealed as Koraidon (the red one) and Miraidon (the blue one) and they look pretty cool.

Perhaps the most striking detail is that you’ll be able to explore the world with up to three other players, a first for the series. Not only that, but this won’t be limited to the game’s version of the wild area from Pokemon Sword & Shield. The official website describes Scarlet and Violet as ‘the first open world role-playing games’ in the series and will give you free rein to explore the entire region solo or with friends without being dictated by the story.

We don’t get to see much in the way of new characters, but the trailer reveals two different professors. The version you pick will determine which professor gives you your starter. We’re also introduced to Nemona, the rival of the games, who the website describes as a sunny and experienced trainer. Whether she’ll be the only rival remains to be seen.


Scarlet and Violet appear to be going for an old versus new theme for its aesthetic. The two professors wear very different attire (one dresses like a prehistoric cavewoman, while the other has futuristic clothing) and this is also reflected in the two legendaries (Koraidon resembling a dinosaur and Miraidon looking more mechanical).

Unfortunately, it looks like, once again, there will be no voice acting whatsoever. It’s something the Pokémon series is long overdue, especially with the mainline games now on home consoles, and only exacerbates accusations of the games looking cheap and having low production values.

The trailer ends with a worldwide release date of 18th November and a weird tease of a poké ball floating past a crystal background. We’ve no idea what it’s for, but there are already rumblings that this has nothing to do with Scarlet and Violet and is Game Freak hinting at another remake.


In other Pokemon-related news, Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda announced earlier today he has left the company. He’s joining The Pokémon Company to help oversee the franchise. Masuda has been with Game Freak since its inception, eventually taking over as producer on the Pokémon games and sometimes director. It’s not confirmed who is directing Scarlet and Violet.

Let us know your feelings about the new trailer and the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet games in our comments section below. Do we have any hardcore Pokemon fans who visit our site? Let us know your views on these new games.

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