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Reboot of Fable Franchise Could Be in Trouble…

One of Fable 4’s senior producers has clarified a facet of the game’s ongoing development following a claim that Fable 4 had been “scaled down” due to technical difficulties.

Last week, a host on the XNC Podcast claimed they had received information about Fable 4’s development, alleging that the upcoming game had to be scaled down as the team was having trouble with the engine, and that, while they tried to build the game on ForzaTech, “the gameplay mechanics were alluding them” as “they couldn’t fit them in the engine”.

Now, a senior producer on Fable 4 has taken to Twitter to “clear up” that scoping “is a normal, necessary, and healthy part of game development,” which they guarantee is something any AAA game goes through as part of natural development.

It’s intention is to make sure the team are focused under one clear vision and can get it made in the time they have without killing themselves. Games that haven’t been scoped correctly often have delays and crunch, which is something games developers try to avoid.

Is Fable 4 in trouble?

Amie Loake goes on to add via a follow-up tweet. As developers managing an ongoing project want to avoid this wherever possible, scoping is intended to bring focus to the game and streamline the entire project, so developers aren’t working on a ballooning project.

Loake has an extensive history with the Fable series at large. Although the producer is now working at Playground Games on the new adventure, Loake spent over two years working on various Fable projects at original developer Lionhead, working on both Fable Legends and Fable Anniversary in different roles. After a break at Sumo Digital working on Crackdown 3 and other projects, the industry veteran has returned to the much-beloved series.

As for Fable 4 though, we’ll have to wait and see for more from Playground Games’s reboot. The new game first surfaced back in July 2020 with a brief cinematic teaser trailer, and we’ve seen nothing from the project since then. With Xbox due to hold their traditional E3 presentation later this month on 12th July, Fable 4 could resurface with new details.

It is quite a worrying to hear about a game that hasn’t been seen or heard of for over a year. Let us know your thoughts below about these latest Fable 4 rumours.

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